How Will The Economy React Now That Trump Is President?

How Will The Economy React Now That Trump Is President?

During the American presidential election, the main subject of many debates between both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was “How will your plan affect the American economy?” Experts on both sides pointed to a variety of factors that could lead to a changed economy; these experts said that under Clinton and Donald Trump, the economy would take a hit.

Cut to now; Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States. Now, experts have been looking at his plan with very detailed scrutiny; they want to know exactly how his plan will affect everyday American people. What will be the results of Trump’s plan? One thing experts can agree on is that they can’t agree what will happen next.
how-will-the-economy-react-now-that-trump-is-president-1Honestly, there is no way to know what will happen as a result of this stunning election. Many people predicted a massive drop in the overall economy, because of the uncertainty surrounding a Trump presidency. Because although Trump is a businessman, he has had many dubious success and bankruptcies, in addition to the fact that he has never held any sort of government office.

Although people thought there was going to be a massive economic drop, that has not happened yet. There is no way to know if it will happen or not, but it certainly didn’t happen in the time-frame that some experts said it would. There was a huge drop in the economy DURING the time that the election results were being counted, but after Trump was confirmed the winner the economy took one of the biggest upswings we’ve seen this year.

One industry that is sure to see good results this year is the gun industry. Even air rifle websites such as Air Rifle Judge will see a piece of this action; Donald Trump is a vocal defender of the rights of American citizens to own guns. This will make organizations such as the National Rifle Association very happy. Either way, the gun industry is likely to soar under a Trump Administration.

The biggest challenge facing investors both American and abroad will be to figure out what a Trump presidency will look like. There is no way to know what kind of president he will be, how predictable he will be, or what his monetary policy will look like. This is not a situation investors like to find themselves in. Most people like to have a least a slight idea of how a president will look while in office; we don’t have that with Donald Trump. All we have is the world of economy experts, and none of them seem to agree in the slightest what it will be like.

One of two things will happen: the American economy will take a massive downswing, or it won’t. Right now, we cannot be any more specific. However, keep an eye on the economy during this time! It will be interesting to see where it goes.