About me

If you didn’t know that 90% of all the news in the world we see is controlled by just five companies, then you have been living in a cave.

Hello, my name’s Steve, and it is facts like that I am both interested in and they also scare the daylights out of me. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, and yes, we speak a lot of French here, but English is still the main language. It’s nice to have a couple of languages anyway.

I have a small unit in North River Heights, not far from the Winnipeg CBD. Winter is brutal, and summer is awesome. While we are on the subject of just who controls the news, did you also know that only five people control the world? I thought that one would get you. The five most powerful, richest men (check out Rothschild) control countries through governments and leaders. That should frighten you.

My aim with this website is to provide my brand of news. What you read in the papers is not always correct. Didn’t they all predict that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency? They got that right, didn’t they? It’s the same with economics on a macro scale. Who knows how well or badly off a country is if they are not inside the government? And if they are inside, who in their right mind is going to let them report the truth?

One thing is for sure, and you will no doubt agree. Power and money go hand in hand. The very rich care nothing about the little stuff, like wars and coups. Why? Well, they probably engineered them anyway. There was a recent article I read by another truth seeker who said these rich power brokers have a plan. Total domination. News, money, and lives – they will control it all.